We believe that your online dating profile isn't just a collection of words, it's an advertisement for you. All Bio Myself is a creative agency dedicated to providing succinct and witty online dating bios that help you over promise, every time.

It's not you, it's us.

We wrote bios until nothing made sense anymore. Hopefully they do the trick. If not, then a) it was never meant to be or b) we should stick to our day job.

See you next year!

Our success stories

"Before I found this site, my bio included the word 'banter' 3 times."

Dave (28) Dublin

"My profile used to just say 'work hard, play harder'."

Thomas (52) London

"I go on so many dates now, I had to quit my job!"

Laura (24) Toronto

"I wish I was as cool as my bio. I'd definitely date the 200 character version of me."

Cynthia (28) New York